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Specialized Meetings

SSSA is interested in holding single-topic conferences that promote Soil Science. These conferences are separate from the Annual Meeting. People are encouraged to submit conference proposals online.

These proposals will be reviewed by the SSSA Meetings Department, and a brief call scheduled with the proposal contact. Once enough information is gathered, then the proposal will be reviewed by the S733 SSSA Conference Committee. The committee will then make recommendations to the SSSA Board of Directors for their final approval.

Note that a lead time of 6-12 months is best, and be sure to check out the SSSA calendar to make sure your dates are available. Please complete as much of the proposal as possible, understanding that it is a draft/place to start, and the SSSA Meetings Department will assist with the development and planning of the conference.

Submit a Specialized Conference Proposal

For assistance with completing the proposal, contact Jeanne Pluemer, Senior Meetings Manager.



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